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Staff Directory


Photo of Greg Freer

Greg Freer

Assistant Principal

Photo of Chad Jensen

Chad Jensen


Photo of Susan Stacheruk

Susan Stacheruk

Assistant Principal


Photo of Alina Ascione

Alina Ascione


Photo of Ashton Ashley

Ashton Ashley


Photo of Kim Biesheuvel

Kim Biesheuvel

Grade 6

Photo of Brant Bond

Brant Bond


Photo of Rick Bullock

Rick Bullock


Photo of Danica Chabot

Danica Chabot


Photo of Jill Coast

Jill Coast

Photo of Nicole Crowder

Nicole Crowder


Photo of Kelly Farrier

Kelly Farrier

Grade 6

Photo of Katelyn Heidinger

Katelyn Heidinger

Grade 6

Photo of Marya Helm

Marya Helm

Humanities, Online Pursuits

Photo of Amanda High

Amanda High


Photo of Shanan Hunter

Shanan Hunter


Photo of Aiden Kidd

Aiden Kidd

Grade 7

Photo of Graham MacBean

Graham MacBean


Photo of Michelle MacMillan

Michelle MacMillan


Photo of Micheal McTighe

Micheal McTighe

Grade 7

Photo of Ben Paskal

Ben Paskal

Construction, Wings, Math, Calm

Photo of Aimee Sandham

Aimee Sandham

Athletic Director

Photo of Cowley Sarah

Cowley Sarah

Grade 8

Photo of Blair Yanke

Blair Yanke


Support Staff

Photo of Christy Bazell

Christy Bazell

Career Practitioner

Photo of Jocelyn Bieniewski

Jocelyn Bieniewski

Educational Assistant

Photo of Erin Bisschop

Erin Bisschop

Learning Commons Coordinator

placeholder image for Rob Charchun

Rob Charchun

Off - Campus Coordinator

Photo of Sherri Day Chief

Sherri Day Chief

Educational Assistant

placeholder image for Joe Eagle Tail Feathers

Joe Eagle Tail Feathers

Elder in Residence

Photo of Naomi Faulkner

Naomi Faulkner

Educational Assistant

Photo of Eric Gallant

Eric Gallant

Child and Youth Care Worker

Photo of Stephanie Hedingham

Stephanie Hedingham

Educational Assistant

placeholder image for Betty Ann Little Wolf

Betty Ann Little Wolf

Elder in Residence

Photo of Austin Phillips

Austin Phillips

Educational Assistant

Photo of Toni Plourde

Toni Plourde

Educational Assistant

Photo of Mandy Sanders

Mandy Sanders

Administrative Assistant - Edsembli

placeholder image for Sherri Terpstra

Sherri Terpstra

Success Coach

Photo of Marlene Trotter

Marlene Trotter

Cafeteria Manager

Photo of Lindsey Zielinski

Lindsey Zielinski

Administrative Assistant - Finance