Home Education with LRSD

Families who choose home education need look no farther than Livingstone Range School Division for support and opportunities.

LRSD is supportive of families who choose to educate their children in traditional, parent-directed home education. There are also options for parents who wish to have their children participate in teacher-directed, Alberta curriculum programs.

"The flexibility and options are a great alternative for many families in our area," says Home Education Principal Jackie Kark. "We see families who choose to home school for social, religious, health, and lifestyle reasons, and we can certainly support all home education families and students in our division."

Why register with LRSD for your home education? For starters, our designated Home Education Principal and facilitators review and assist with the development of your home education program and provide access to supports all along the way. Other benefits include:

  • Local facilitators, support staff, and resources are easily accessed in your area
  • You choose the curriculum that best aligns with your philosophy and learning outcomes, including faith-based resources
  • Financial reimbursement for many home education materials and expenses when you register before September 30
  • Access to professional evaluations and support for reading, math, speech, motor, and learning needs

To find out more, check out our Home Education FAQs.

To register for Home Education for the 2019-2020 school year with Livingstone Range School Division call 403-687-3734 or email